Chicago Personal Training

Company Background

I began training people as a sergeant in the Army. Because I always did well on the fitness tests, and because I had an interest in it, I was usually assigned the task of helping those who had failed the fitness test get in shape enough to pass the test. I quickly realized the Army’s yelling style wasn’t effective for many people, so I developed an approach that can be summed up in one word: Positive. I continued training when I transferred to the Air Force.

Even though I had been into fitness my entire life, at 33 years old, I was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat, and needed to get a pacemaker. That was quite a shock at the time, and ended my very promising military career. My doctors assured me that I could remain physically active, so I made a point of completing marathons, triathlons, bench pressing championships, etc. While attending college. I also kept training others. Eventually, I realized that starting my own business would pay better than training at the college did.

I worked hard at building this company, and soon my schedule was completely booked. At one point, I had a waiting list, but I didn’t want to turn anyone away. I got the idea to find other talented trainers, and teach them my system, almost like a way of duplicating myself. It allowed me to help a lot more people. Today I have an awesome team of 18 personal trainers. All are excellent. All were taught by me, but also bring their own unique gifts. I’m sure we have just the right trainer for you.