Chicago Personal Trainer

Personal Training

Personal Training is a combination of many components. The best way to achieve and maintain an optimal fitness level is to incorporate as many exercises, techniques, styles and methods into a fitness program as possible. No one component is effective alone or better than the others, but when combined, different elements produce a series of challenges for the mind, body and spirit.

I like to utilize the surrounding environment indoors (stairs, boxes, benches, etc.) and outdoors (parks, beaches, hills, etc.) and incorporate free weights, machines (if present), kettlebells, bands, medicine and stability balls, boxing, sandbags, battling and weighted ropes as well as body weight exercises into a program tailored to each client’s goals, which may include:

Checkmark Weight loss Checkmark Sport-specific training
Checkmark Improved overall fitness Checkmark Swimming instruction
Checkmark Strength conditioning

Weight Loss

-Decrease weight

-Reduce body fat

-Increase muscle tone

Improved Overall Fitness

-Improve physical conditioning

Strength Conditioning

-Improve strength

-Reach a peak for a specific event

Sport-Specific Training

-Athletes playing a specific sport

-Gain an edge over the competition

-Improve a weakness