Chicago Personal Training

About Clint Phillips

Education Master of Arts in Sports Administration, (Expected Fall 2014)
Northwestern University
Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences (2000)
University of Illinois at Chciago
Certifications ACSM-PT
Amerian College of Sports Medicine, Personal Trainer
(Considered "Gold Standard" in the Industry)
Experience Personal Trainer, Over 25 years of exeperience
Individualized fitness testing and assessment
Personalized fitness prescription and programming
Training singles, doubles and groups
Expertise in various settings, including homes, offices, gyms, outdoors
Achievements Named one of the "Best Personal Trainers in America" by the National Fitness Hall of Fame
(second highest point total in the nation)2009.

Twice named one of the “Best Personal Trainers in America” by Men's Jounral magazine
(in 2004 and 2005, the only two years they made a list).

2005 World Bench Press Champion for weight class and age group, 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation.

Winner of several State and National records by the American Drug Free Powerlifting Federation

Finisher in several marathons, triathlons, and Century (100 mile) bicycle races.

Finisher in many stair climbs, including the Hustle up the Hancock (94 stories) and the Presidential Towers (four towers, 45 stories each, combined total 180 stories)


As both a competitive athlete and an experienced trainer, I have a unique perspective. I have been both the trainer and the trainee, or client, if you will. This insight allows me to help my clients adopt new ways of thinking and apply those ideas to the pursuit of goals in fitness and in life.

I have trained a diverse group of clients. For some clients, fitness enhances health and everyday life. For others, it’s a matter of life and death. Whether training athletes or seniors, stay-at-home moms or busy executives, or government and military personnel or police officers, my beliefs are the same. Whatever your fitness level or goals may be, my job is to help you achieve and maintain a better, healthier lifestyle so you can be successful in all aspects of life. I will constantly provide new challenges and skills for you to master. With my support and your hard work and dedication, you will be successful in moving beyond the limits you set for yourself.

As an educator, my role is to show you how to utilize your surrounding environment to your benefit and get a great workout wherever you are. Lack of traditional weights or a full-scale gym is not an excuse to avoid working out. I don’t believe in excuses. Be honest with yourself. Life is not forgiving, particularly to those trying to justify inaction. Life is multi-dimensional, and that is how we need to approach it. This is the core of my philosophy. Do something new, something good for yourself, and you will be rewarded on many levels.

I believe in a balance of efficiency and fun. When you start exercising alone, with a friend, or a group of people, the benefits are immediate. You will enjoy a fun, positive and supportive atmosphere where you accomplish your goals. As your fitness partner, I will help you progress with a methodical plan and strict training based on your goals and abilities. Together, we will get you to the next level quickly while having as much fun as possible.